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ten photos is still life.
one day described by ten images.

3,200 miles in 10 photos

Since we last saw each other:

I drove 3,200 miles, moved back east, had some adventures, took some photos. Here are ten of them:

2/1 1.56pm Humvees on the highway

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New Years in New Hampshire in 10 Photos

Did a fun overnight hike up in New Hampshire on New Years Eve/Day. Took some photos. Here are ten of them:

12/31 2.11pm Hiking up Lowe’s path

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More film in 10 photos

Hooray film. Most of these were shot with Fuji Velvia 100F; the rest was Superia 200. Enjoy:

Denver. Fuji Superia

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New York in ten photos

Just took a trip to NYC, and shot about 200 photos. Here are ten of them:

11/21 10.25am Willow tree near the north end of Central Park.

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35mm in ten photos

I’ve been shooting more 35mm lately, and I just got a few rolls developed. Enjoy.

Also, something called “Photo reply” is now active, so go ahead play around with that.

CU vs. Baylor

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Changing gears in six photos.

I’ve decided that (for me at least) the ten photo format isn’t really working out. Although I’m sure I’ve lost what few viewers I had by going on an unannounced, multi-month posting hiatus, if anyone is still listening here’s the plan:

After looking through the photosets here so far, I have determined that not only does the “one day, ten photos” format make posts less frequent, but it also results in a lot of filler, with a scant few worthwhile photos in the middle. My life is no more interesting than yours, so photos simply of “what I did today” aren’t worth posting—this was not conceived as a photo diary, but as something aesthetically worth looking at. As such, from here on out I’ll be only posting photos which are artistically or photographically worth looking at. Posts will generally contain fewer than ten photos, and I will be abandoning the narrative format (unless it is logical in the context of the photos themselves).

That said, enjoy a few photos I took, none of which tell any particular story:

6/18 8.27pm  Sunset @ Coors Field

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Ten photos.

5/8 2.10pm  Bike polo in Colorado Springs.

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May 7 in ten photos

May 7th 2010

1.32pm  Riding the bus

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A week of slacking in ten photos

Got my camera back, took a few more photos. Not sure if doing more than one day in ten photos is cheating, but it’s my blog so we’re playing by my rules. Here we go:

4.48pm 4/24  Rockies double-header. 1 $12 ticket = 6 consecutive hours of baseball.

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Always bring your camera

So, yesterday I accidentally left my camera at a friend’s house (after not really taking many photos over the weekend anyway). What could I have possibly missed?

-A great view of the mountains on the way into Boulder from Denver this morning (from a car, not the bus).

-Cherry Creek flooding over the bike path at Speer and Arapahoe. The water was nearly deep enough to get my feet wet on the pedals of my bike.

-First sighting of a B-cycle (bikeshare bike) “in the wild,” ridden by a confused cyclist having difficulty fording the flooded Cherry Creek.

Expect a “Four days of slacking at taking and posting photos in ten photos” post this evening or tomorrow, depending on when I get my camera back.

Until then…always bring your camera.

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